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Meulensteen Camp & UTSC Qualifier

August 5th - 8th



Camp Includes

  • Camp Jersey
  • US Technical Championship for players 

Camp Options:

  • Mitre Extreme or Azteca soccer ball, only $15! Retail cost is $29.99

Camp Results:

  • SCORE more goals! Using your laces, instep, volley, header, bent balls
  • IMPROVE first touch! Lofted, bouncing, driven, balls
  • FASTER speed of play! Effective 1 & 2 touch link play
  • DOMINATE your defender! Learn WHEN & HOW to use the Maradona, Scissors, Step Over, Matthews, and MANY MORE

Camp Features:

  • Fast Footwork: Improve coordination, balance, agility, and control
  • Small Sided Games: Designed so players can "show their stuff!"
  • Finishing / Shooting: Many varieties of shots & different surfaces to put the ball in the back of the net!
  • Passing / Receiving: Learn how to better control the ball in space, under pressure, and in a game
  • Competitions: Various challenges and PK shootouts

Our Coaching Staff:

Can I just say it? They ROCK! Our staff is friendly, interactive, they understand the game of soccer, and know how to transfer this knowledge to your player.

  • Yes! All of our staff has gone through extensive background checks and are certified through Risk Management
  • Yes! Our staff is comprised of former professional players, collegiate players, & coaches who have high level licenses
  • Yes! All of our coaching staff is certified in the Meulensteen Method

US Technical Championship: Player Pathway (see promo video above)

  • Attend a Regional Qualifier event (our camps)
  • Winners are invited to the USTC National Finals
  • Winners get awesome prizes, ID Camps, National Camps, a trip to train in Europe! + MORE!